Tribunal & Appeal

Our Purpose

We want to provide a fair and transparent service, as well as a welcoming and pleasant community experience across all of our websites. Websites which involve community engagement will have a dedicated Community Support team, headed up by a Team Leader & managed by a User Relations Manager. This team, amongst a host of other things, ensures our communities remain enjoyable and safe.

We provide guidance to community websites to ensure their offence & appeal systems are fair but firm to help make sure genuine users can learn from any mistakes they make. Each service under the Network must offer a way to appeal any offences or punishments they issue, and appeals can’t be reviewed by the member of staff who issued the original offence.

If you feel your appeal has been handled unfairly, or you were issued an offence without reason, or feel the punishment you received was too harsh, you may contact our independent tribunal who will review your offence & appeal fairly and without bias. We’ll review your appeal within 5 days.

Our Promise

We won’t take sides – and we’ll look at every problem with an open mind. But we can’t make any promises about the outcome, because it all depends on the individual circumstances.