Our Purpose

We want to provide the very best service possible, which is why we make it a mandatory requirement for all of our websites & services to offer a fully fledged complaints system. Our individual site complaint systems are designed to resolve issues effectively and without delay, but where things go wrong you’ll be able to escalate your complaint up to the Head of Community Relations or equivalent depending on the website you’re using.

If you’re still not satisfied, then you can have your complaint independently reviewed. We’ll listen to both sides of the story. And we’ll be honest. We give advice or make decisions based on the facts that we see. Once you’ve submitted the below form we’ll investigate your complaint and contact the website involved. You should expect a response within 5 days.

Our Promise

We won’t take sides – and we’ll look at every problem with an open mind. But we can’t make any promises about the outcome, because it all depends on the individual circumstances.