While everyone understands the importance of getting value, improving value, challenging value, at FactoryBox we also talk about values – and how we live by them.

These aren’t just words of an acronym to be remembered – we believe they are critical to doing what we do well. If we all live by these values, we act as one to the communities we serve and volunteers who help make our dream a reality.


Add Value

We wholeheartedly believe in adding value and achieving excellence. We do so by being agile, flexible and pro-active, continuously looking for ways to do things better, faster, bigger and stronger.



We believe in accountability. Our users ask for more and we give them more – full stop. We take ownership from A to Z. We deliver what we say we will, not passing responsibility onto others. We hold ourselves accountable to everyone we serve.



We believe in trust. It is a precious commodity in the world today and we value it highly. This means we always act with transparency and integrity. We encourage open and honest feedback and work to implement ideas wherever possible.



We believe in being of service to our users. Together, we work to provide unrivalled levels of support. We anticipate your needs and expectations in order to develop a world class support system. Pro-active, we respond quickly, provide solutions and seek feedback. We’re fair and treat all complaints or concerns with the seriousness they deserve. Transparent, we always work on the side of our community.



We believe in innovation. It keeps us sharp. Positive. Creative. Enthusiastic. A cut above the rest. We welcome fresh ideas and inventive solutions. It keeps us evolving, seeking to improve and meeting new challenges.


Rewarding Contributions

We believe in rewarding efforts and contributions. We respect and support each other as individuals and as a team, always aware of the impact of our actions on others. We want to create an environment that allows all of us to reach our personal and collective best.



Bottom line, we believe in excellence. We maintain the highest standards in everything we do, focus on results, act with ambition. It attracts the best people to us. That in turn attracts the very best communities. Being the best gives us the competitive edge both for ourselves as individuals and as a Network.